The Virgin Spring (1960)

Devout Christians Töre and Märeta send their only daughter, the virginal Karin, and their foster daughter, the unrepentant Ingeri, to deliver candles to a distant church. On their way through the woods, the girls encounter a group of savage goat herders who brutally rape and murder Karin as Ingeri remains hidden. When the killers unwittingly seek refuge in the farmhouse of Töre and Märeta, Töre plots a fitting revenge.

  •  Ingmar Bergman

  •  Ulla Isaksson

  •  Svensk Filmindustri

Release Date: 1960-02-08
Status: Released
Original Title: Jungfrukällan
themoviedb icon 8.0 / 10 / 213
themoviedb icon Popularity: 8
IMDb icon * 8.1 / 10 / 23,464
IMDb icon ID: tt0053976
  • Country: SE
  • Language: Deutsch | svenska
  • Runtime: 90
  • Revenue: $700,000
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