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Friends & Crocodiles (2005)

Paul Reynolds is a Gatsby-like figure: owner of a magnificent house, the host of great parties, and a collector of interesting people. He persuades Lizzie Thomas, a secretary at a local estate agent's, to come and work for him as his assistant, to bring some order to his chaos. He inspires her with his enthusiasm and imagination, and frustrates her with his apparent carelessness and destructiveness, which culminates in her calling the police as one of his parties is attacked by local troublemakers, seemingly with his tacit approval. But their paths are destined to cross again and again as Lizzie, with the help of some of the people that she met at Paul's house, rises through the changing landscape of corporate Britain. This is the tale of a meaningful and powerful relationship that isn't a love story; it's about those rare people who profoundly influence and shape our lives.

  •  Stephen Poliakoff

  •  Stephen Poliakoff

  •  BBC
  •  FremantleMedia North America
  •  Talkback Productions
  •  Talkback Thames

Release Date: 2005-08-28
Status: Released
Original Title: Friends & Crocodiles
themoviedb icon 5.3 / 10 / 3
themoviedb icon Popularity: 4
IMDb icon * 6.8 / 10 / 872
IMDb icon ID: tt0446062
  • Country: GB
  • Language: English
  • Runtime: 109
Olivia Poulet
Olivia Poulet
Eddie Marsan
Eddie Marsan
Damian Lewis
Damian Lewis
Paul Reynolds
Jodhi May
Jodhi May
Lizzie Thomas
Robert Lindsay
Robert Lindsa...
William Sneath
Patrick Malahide
Patrick Malah...
Allan Corduner
Allan Cordune...
Chris Larkin
Chris Larkin
Paul Hickey
Paul Hickey
Albert Brother
Tim Plester
Tim Plester
Albert Junior
Harry Melling
Harry Melling
Young Oliver
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