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Camjackers (2006)

"Can't make a film? Just steal one!"

It's COOL! We've got Black Friends! Two rich clueless film school graduates "the Filmfakers" are shooting a "ghetto" interpretation of an ancient Greek play with the Gangsta Sistas (Olivia Wilde: Alpha Dog, The OC & Megalyn Echiwunwoke:24, That 70's Show) on the mean streets of Los Angeles. Their equipment is "borrowed" by three street youths, "the camjackers" who use it to shoot a compelling documentary on underground hip-hop. The filmfakers rep off the camjackers' film and rise to fame and fortune, but when the camjackers see their stolen film on TV, they must seek revenge.

  •  Julian Dahl

  •  Julian Dahl
  •  Linnea Dahl


Release Date: 2006-10-26
Status: Released
Original Title: Camjackers
themoviedb icon 4.0 / 10 / 2
themoviedb icon Popularity: 2
IMDb icon * 3.8 / 10 / 171
IMDb icon ID: tt0498332
  • Language: English
  • Runtime: 90
Olivia Wilde
Olivia Wilde
Sista Strada Cast
Megalyn Echikunwoke
Megalyn Echik...
Sista Strada Cast
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