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Infected (2018)

"It's not the virus that kills you."

In a post apocalyptic world, former drugstore employee Victoria Hansteen must look to her past in order to save the future of mankind after a virus has turned most of humanity into rabid killers.

  •  Robert Rønning

  •  Robert Rønning


Release Date: 2018-12-31
Status: Released
Original Title: Infisert
themoviedb icon 8.0 / 10 / 3
themoviedb icon Popularity: 9
IMDb icon ID:
  • Country: NO
  • Language: Norsk
Ingar Helge Gimle
Ingar Helge G...
Erik Wessel
Gitte Witt
Gitte Witt
Hannah Tessem
Kathrine Sørland
Kathrine Sørl...
Victoria Hansteen
Stig Frode Henriksen
Stig Frode He...
Daniel Schultz
Ida Nilsen
Ida Nilsen
Marlene Schultz
Kim Sønderholm
Kim Sønderhol...
Alexander Dahlen
Ane Viola Semb
Ane Viola Sem...
Brit Pedersen

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